7 Houseplants That Bring Good Energy to Your Home

7 Houseplants That Bring Good Energy to Your Home

There’s a reason why houseplants have experienced a resurgence over the past few years. Plants are known for elevating your mood and improving air quality. But did you know they can also bring in positive energy and, dare we say, good luck? Fill your space with good vibes by welcoming one (or more) of these houseplants into your new home.

Money Tree

Money trees are believed to usher in wealth and good fortune.  These plants are a staple in feng shui and are popular housewarming gifts. The braided trunk and glossy leaves give it a distinctive and attractive look. This tropical tree is a great low-maintenance indoor plant. They thrive in humid environments, making them the perfect addition to the bathroom.

Jade Plant

Sometimes known as a money plant, jade plants are thought to attract wealth, good fortune, and friendship thanks to their coin-shaped leaves. Since they’re actually succulents, they’re easy to care for. They store water in their leaves so you don’t need to water them as often as other houseplants. The optimal placement for jade plants is in the eastern or southeastern corner of a room.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are on every list of low-maintenance house plants thanks to their ability to survive in various conditions. They’re also very forgiving plants if you tend to forget to water them. Their sword-like leaves boost feelings of positive energy, protection, and safety. They’re best placed in the east or southeast area of your home or office.

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are known to represent abundance, happiness, and prosperity. It’s believed the broad leaves of the rubber plant help positive energy flow through your home. Rubber plants are ideal for a home office or in the eastern or southeastern areas of a room. However, it’s important to note that this plant is not pet-friendly. You’ll want to keep it out of reach of pets.


In addition to their fresh scent, eucalyptus is known to bring good luck and energy as well as relieve stress and promote healing. Its distinctive minty scent is associated with fresh starts and cleansing. Since they’re humidity lovers, they’re happiest in the bathroom or kitchen. Pro tip: hang a couple of dried eucalyptus in your shower to create relaxing spa vibes.


Pothos are associated with a sense of abundance and generosity since they’re easy to propagate. They’re also believed to remove negative or stagnant energy. You can place pothos on top of cabinets or unused corners to reduce stagnant energy. Placing them in the southeast areas of a room can boost wealth and prosperity.

Lucky Bamboo

Despite its name, lucky bamboo isn’t the kind of bamboo we associate with pandas; it’s a type of dracaena. Bamboo or not, lucky bamboo is a symbol of good luck and prosperity and can create a sense of balance and harmony. The kind of luck depends on the number of stalks:

  • One stalk: unity or commitment
  • Two stalks: love or marriage
  • Three stalks: happiness, wealth, and long life
  • Five stalks: peace and balance
  • Six stalks: blessings
  • Seven stalks: good health and luck
  • Eight stalks: wealth.

You’ll notice we skipped four – that’s because it represents bad luck or death so it’s best to avoid those. Also, while lucky bamboo may be lucky to you, they’re not for your pets so keep these plants well out of your pet’s reach.

Not only will these houseplants fill your home with positive vibes, but they’ll also help purify the air, reduce stress, and look fabulous while doing it.

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