Here's what Discovery and Seeno homeowners have to say about their home buying experiences!

“Cannot express how happy we are [… ] kept us informed with everything that was going on with our home, are knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and they made our experience very happy.”


“Today was one of the best days of my and my family's lives because we just moved in to our beautiful new home […] by Discovery Homes. I am still beside myself today, as I write this, about how smooth and fluid the entire process was!”


“We love our new home, it's beautiful and we feel fortunate for all the good people that we were surrounded by throughout our home buying process, as that's not always the case.”


“They went above and beyond with answering questions and helping me choose the right model and lot.”


“From start to finish it was a seamless process for us.”


"I wanted to write and thank you all at Seeno Homes and tell you how much I've appreciated your help when I had questions about the purchasing process and the house. I really appreciate having someone take the time to answer questions patiently and without having someone being over persistent on selling me something. Explaining features and suggestions was done in a nice way so that even the simplest things were covered just in case you didn't know (better explaining too much than too little, right?). Everything from Sales to Customer Service ran smooth, thank you!"


"Customer Service has been excellent in their response, efficiency, and courtesy in helping us with any questions and solving any problems we may have had. One hears horror stories when buying a home where workmanship is poor and the builder does not stand behind their mission statement. It is refreshing to be an owner of a home from a company that not only builds quality homes, but also stands behind their product with a chain of personnel committed to having happy and satisfied homeowners. We are one of those families who are proud and happy to be in a Seeno home."

Susan and James

"Having three children played a large part in our decision on where to buy. One being in middle school, one in elementary and one toddler. We are very pleased with the schools in the area and the beautiful parks nearby. Last, and certainly not least, is the service. A very important factor when buying anything is the service after the purchase. Whenever we have had a problem, no matter how major or minor, the response from the service department, both prompt and courteous, has been exceptional."


"This is to convey our thanks and appreciation for the outstanding services my husband and I have received from Seeno. This is our third home, however, our first home purchased from Seeno. From the time we initially purchased our home and worked with the sales representative, Seeno has provided exceptional service and has been responsive to our needs. We very much appreciate owning a Seeno built home and would not hesitate to purchase another one."

Dallas and Judy

"Over all the homes we looked at (believe me we have looked at many) Seeno Homes - A. D. Seeno Construction Co. was by far the perfect home for us. The location is great, close to shopping centers, grocery stores, BART, park and ride, gas stations, and the freeway. Thank you Seeno for building these homes."

James and Juanita

"My husband and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to Seeno for building our dream home. We were looking for an affordable home and didn't think we could afford anything so luxurious! We took a look at the models and fell in love with them all. We met the nicest sales representative. She was so patient with us and our many questions and I really felt that she cared about us and wanted us to have the house of our dreams. I love the way the builders and designers paid so much attention to the little details that make the house so attractive and homey."

Carl and Diane

"Even after the purchase, they truly stand by their warranty. I haven't had any major issues but they have been addressing issues almost immediately whenever I report anything. I am a happy buyer from Discovery Homes."

Hong Gil D.

"​Being first time home buyers we really didn't know what to expect during the process... It was a one stop shop for first time home buyers! I am very happy to recommend Discovery Homes to any home buyers out there.."

Matthew S.

"They (sales agents) both made my home purchase a good experience with their expertise of the real state market. Thank you."

Cecile C.