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Home Care Tips

  • DOORS Vacuuming tracks and lubricating hinges and latches keeps operating parts working smoothly.
  • ELECTRICAL (GFI TEST) Safety of electrical circuits. Test GFI circuits (kitchen, bath, garage and outdoor) monthly.
  • GARBAGE Disposal Fill with ice and operate. Cleans and sharpens blades.
  • Kitchen & Bath Caulking Seal joints that are subject to water and moisture to prevent leaks, dry rot, mold and mildew.
  • Sink p-trap cleaning Avoids backups and plugged drains; promotes sanitation. Use only cleaners recommended by manufacturer.
  • AIR CONDITIONER Start twice during winter months; keeps mechanical parts from sticking. (Do not run A/C when outdoor temp is above 55 degrees).
  • CHIMNEY CLEANING Removes build up of tar and creosote from flue; prevents flue fires. This pertains to wood burning fireplaces only.
  • ELECTRICAL (WIRING) Elimination of possible fire hazard and open circuits. Within first two years all connections should be checked for tightness.
  • FURNACE FILTER CHANGE Helps remove dust and pollen from interior air; improves furnace efficiency; less energy consumption and improves air flow.
  • GARAGE DOOR SYSTEMS Lubrication promotes smoother, less noisy operation: extends system life. Check and tighten loose nuts and bolts.
  • GUTTERS &DOWNSPOUTS Cleaning prevents overflow onto walls; prevents eave leaks; extends gutter life.
  • IRRIGATION SPRINKLERS Direct water spray properly. Eliminates excess watering staining of exterior walls and dry rot of structures.
  • WINDOWS (TRACKS & WEEP HOLES) Keep windows sliding freely; Avoids water standing in tracks and potential leaks.
  • CERAMIC TILE GROUT Seal grout with silicone based sealer; cracked grout should be touched up as necessary. Improves appearance prevents leaks.
  • DOORS Vacuuming tracks and lubricating hinges and latches keeps operating parts working smoothly.
  • DRYWALL (CRACKS & NAIL POPS) Set nails, caulk and paint. Improves appearance of finished interior wall surfaces.
  • EXTERIOR DRAINAGE Keep drains from backing up and flooding during the rainy season. Make sure debris is removed from ditches and swales. Maintain positive drainage away from buildings and fencing.
  • FENCES (INSPECT, REPAIR and SEAL) Retains privacy & security. Prolongs useful life of fence.
  • GROUNDS Inspect for pavement breaks, heaving sidewalks from tree roots, dry rot at decks and blockage of drainage system. Avoids more expensive repair costs.
  • INSECT CONTROL Detected and treated early will prevent structural damage; controls annoying pests. If found, treat monthly.
  • ROOF INSPECT./MAINT. Detect and correct conditions that can lead to leaks and premature roof replacement.
  • STUCCO, EXTERIOR TRIM AND SIDING Caulking and painting keeps system water tight; improves appearance, extends major maintenance periods; reduces chances of mold and mildew.
  • WATER HEATER (FLUSH) Extends water heater life; provides more efficient operation; uses less energy.
  • WINDOW (SEALS – DUAL PANE) Appearance, broken seals reduce insulation ability. Replace when foggy.

For items not listed, please refer to manufacturer's recommended maintenance.