Top 5 Reasons to Check Your Credit Score Monthly!


In general, it’s good to keep a close eye on your credit score, but even moreso when you’re looking to make a large purchase like a car or new home.  Here’s the Top 5 reasons why you should check your credit score regularly:

1.  Additional Layer of Protection
Credit monitoring services can provide another set of eyes on your accounts.  

2.  Useful Reminders
Credit monitoring companies can provide alerts in case of a missed payment or other activity that could negatively impact your credit rating.

3.  Avoid Surprises
Knowing your credit score and what’s on your credit report gives you a better idea of the sort of interest rates and payment options you can expect.

4.  Catch Errors Quickly
Clerical errors can be corrected fairly easily, if caught early.

5.  Address Possible Identity Theft
If someone gains access to your personal info, it becomes possible for them to effectively steal your identity.  Checking your score oenables you to nip such fraudulent activity in the bud before it destroys your credit.

*5 Reasons to Check Your Credit Score Monthly,