Tips for Organizing Your Closet for Good

Tips for Organizing Your Closet for Good

Many people have trouble keeping their closets organized. Usually, it’s not from a lack of trying but often from a lack of a clear strategy. When you just shove your clothes in wherever they fit, it’s easy to have a closet that is stuffed to the gills and overwhelming, making it difficult to find what you need.

But did you know an organized and tidy closet is achievable? With a clear plan of attack, you can have a closet even Marie Kondo will approve of. Use these tips to make your life easier by finally getting your closet under control for good.

Diagnose your closet’s problem areas

Identify possible reasons why you’re having trouble maintaining an organized closet. Does your closet feel overstuffed? Are your accessories hard to find? Or is your shoe collection bursting at the seams? Figuring out where bottlenecks are appearing will help you create a better plan to solve these issues.

Set aside time

Thoroughly cleaning and organizing your closet can take a lot of time. You should expect to dedicate a least half a day, if not a whole weekend, so schedule a date so you can fully devote your attention to this task. A full weekend may sound like a lot of time but it will allow you to complete this at a comfortable pace with less stress.

Empty your closet

This may sound drastic but stay with us: remove everything from your closet, including hangers, bins, and anything else currently living in your closet. You want to start with a completely clean space so you can better visualize and plan your closet reorganization. Clearing out your closet may also reveal items you thought were lost or simply forgotten.

Clean surfaces and floors

Once your closet is cleared out, take this opportunity for a deep clean. Wipe down all the surfaces in your closet, including the walls, baseboards, and shelving. Vacuum or sweep and wash the floor, and give any baskets or bins a good dusting as well.

Group and sort belongings

Depending on how many clothes and shoes you have, this part can take the longest. This is a two-part process: first, go through your belongings and sort them into three categories: Keep, Donate/Give away, or Toss. Review your belongings and sort them into one of these groups. Toss anything that’s stained or damaged, keep items you’ve regularly worn and fits well, and donate anything else that’s still in good condition that either no longer fit or is no longer your style.

Once you’re done, group the remaining items by type like clothing (you can future group by type of item), shoes, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories. This will help you create a storage plan when it’s time to place items back into your closet.

Organize your sections

Now you can rearrange your closet in a way that works best for your needs. Designate a space or area in your closet for everything: shoes in one area, accessories in another, and so forth. Consider keeping items you wear more often front and center, like workwear, with other items you don’t off to the sides, like formal or seasonal clothing. If you need additional storage or shelving, you can confidently buy what you need without worrying about cluttering up your closet with more stuff.

Maintain your now organized closet

The key to having an organized closet is maintenance. Put clothes away immediately after doing laundry or unpacking from a trip. Dedicate a few minutes each week to perform regular maintenance. Review your closet and make sure everything is in its right spot (replacing items in their correct area as needed). Consider the “one in, one out” rule for new purchases: as you add new items, remove an item you no longer use or wear. Schedule a larger seasonal clean-up two to three times a year so you don’t have to go through a major de-clutter session again.

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