A.D. Seeno Construction Co. welcomes you to their neighborhoods and into the world that they have created for you.

A world in which you can trust the fact that attention has been given to every detail, no matter how minor; to assure you that the investment you make in your dream is a worthwhile one. A.D. Seeno Construction Co. knows that most people are looking for a well built home in a safe, secure neighborhood. They're also looking for the peace of mind that comes from knowing the builder had their hopes and aspirations in mind.

The A.D. Seeno Construction Co. exists today because of the visions and dreams of Albert Seeno Sr., who wanted to build the perfect home at an affordable price. To this day his dreams and his vision remain a time-honored tradition throughout the company. A.D. Seeno Construction Co. has been building quality homes since its formation in 1938 and continues to bring that same dedication, commitment, and quality workmanship to each new home it builds today. This commitment has instilled a pride of ownership in each homebuyer that continues to motivate each and every one at the A.D. Seeno Construction Co.

Today, a dedicated staff of employees (with over 500 years of combined building experience) has built homes for more than 40,000 satisfied families. From homes for first time buyers to luxury properties available through its Legacy Homes division, Seeno proudly offers residences of distinction and charm.

Hard work and dedication continue to be the cornerstone of all A.D. Seeno Construction Company's neighborhoods. Because of this, A.D. Seeno Construction Co. has earned a reputation as a market leader and premier homebuilder in the Western United States, an honor that is not taken lightly, and one that has been maintained through the decades.


A lot has been said about the American dream over the years and defining the ever changing nature of the dream has become a full time preoccupation for some. One thing that has remained constant about the dream however is that is always includes owning a home. Home ownership is an answer to most American's quest for the independence that is a basic part of our spirit.

It is the mission of the A.D. Seeno Construction Co. to give form and substance to this basic part of the dream and do it in such a way as to keep it within the grasp of most working people.

The size of the company allows them great leverage in the purchase of land, labor, and supplies and they in turn are able to pass these savings on to you. It also allows them to provide more house for the money than most of their competitors and ultimately provide you with a home that more than lives up to your dreams.


The world is changing so fast. Things that seemed unimaginable a couple of years ago are now commonplace and accepted. Even though it can be said that most things change for the better, it is nice to know that some things remain constant. One of these things is the A.D. Seeno Construction Company's long reputation for quality, commitment to community, and the pursuit of excellence.

No matter how much things may change, people will always dream. A.D. Seeno Construction Co. specializes in building dreams and making them attainable. Looking forward, A.D. Seeno Construction Co. plans to continue on their quest to be the best, to be an innovator and to adapt to a changing world. At the same time they are committed to holding on to the values that have made them a leader in providing homes for generations of families. A.D. Seeno Construction Co. looks forward to making your family one of the many that come home each night to one of their homes.


The things that make a house a home are tangible and intangible, seen and unseen. Obviously there are things that every family does that turn their houses into homes. Tangible things such as the placement of favorite pictures and heirlooms and intangible ones such as the accumulation of memories centered around family and friends.

Another factor is the living space of the house itself. Some builders are so preoccupied with profit and loss that they create environments that are cold and disjointed and do not lend themselves well to the transformation of house to home.

On the other hand, Seeno Homes - A. D. Seeno Construction Co. and Legacy Luxury Homes are designed in such a way as to make a statement in the arrangement of space that welcomes friends into warm and friendly areas in which to build memories.


If there is a company that truly lives up to the words "full service", it is the A.D. Seeno Construction Co. Out of their modern office complex in Concord, California, Seeno Construction co-ordinates the massive effort of delivering to their clients the highest level of service in the following areas: General contracting and building both residential and commercial projects, including multi-family developments, real estate and subdivision development; new home construction, and property management.

All of these services are offered by the most competent, customer service oriented professionals in the homebuilding industry. The team that A.D. Seeno Construction Co. has assembled insures that the company maintains its dedication to quality. From corporate officers and customer service staff to the construction superintendents and craftsman, Seeno's employees are proud of their commitment to each generation of A.D. Seeno Construction Co. homebuyers.